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"In Pè!" Prestige (Pat. Pend. Made in Italy)

Is top of the line In Pè!. Practical, ergonomic and modern designer make the weights, glass and food, are purposely balanced between them, allowing a safe comfortable and reliable collection and manipulation (for lefties). Made of fine material, "shockproof Polycarbonate" doesn't break falling; Lightweight (about 130 gr. cm. 25x17x1 .5) recyclable, dishwasher safe and suitable for food contact. In addition, you can also heat food in the microwave.
Last but not least, "Pè!" Prestige, once stacked, take up very little space and transport them in stacks of 50 or more pieces, it is easy and secure with best rates guaranteed.
NB. It is important to note that the diameter of the hole door glass of "In Pè!" Prestige is not accidental but recommended and supported by expert sommeliers. In fact, the expert sommeliers, advise that to enhance the aromas and the sparkle of the wines, the diameter of the Goblet for their tasting shall be not less than 65 mm.
It follows that the door glass of "In Pè!" Prestige, in addition to staying firmly and secure all types of goblet, whether for aperitifs, wines and sparkling wines in General, (no Glass), it can also contain common plastic cups or pulp from 200 up 330 ml. "In Pè!" Prestige is available in two standard colours: black – white.
Colors: red, transparent, or others on the basis of the quantity.

Standard package of "Pè!" Prestige:
Large package 1 cm. 26,5x36,5 x16 weight 7.3 lbs n° PCs. 50
In Pè di Carlo Francesco Crespi - Via Mameli,5 - 43044 Collecchio PR - P.IVA 02737970349 - Email: - Tel. 3472820366 - 3403986418
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